Getting the most out of your website – Edition 1 Invest in your website

Getting the most out of your website – Edition 1 Invest in your website

Invest in Your Website

People say “I have a website but now what do I do with it?

Read on to find out why its important to invest in your website.

Having a website is a great tool for engaging with your customers and gaining new ones; which is why it’s important to keep it up to date and make sure that the contact details are correct.

We have all become accustomed to not having to wait anymore; smart phones keep us connected 24/7, Uber means we now know exactly where our taxi is and how long we’ll have to wait for it and Twitter has changed the way businesses engage with their customers.

Your customers expect to be able to contact you quickly and with little effort. Even if we know a web address we tend to rely on Google to take us where we want to go; to do this Google uses the contact information held on your website. They will also check your company name, telephone numbers, email address and links to any social media profiles you may have. Which is great – you want your customers (and potential customers) to be able to find you; which is why it’s important that you invest time in maintaining your website.

There’s nothing better than a real-life example, I’m going to take you through how the website is currently set up and detail recommendations for improvements.

The example I’m going to use is Masons Butchers located in Bournemouth; they are a small family run butchers. A search on Google returns the company website in top position, followed by directory listings (both positive);

Masons butchers bournemouth google search listing - invest in your website series


Google has also returned a business listing display for the company on the right hand side of the page. This displays a business listing for the company, shop photos, Google map and street view; as well as reviews, business address and telephone number and the opening hours of the shop. All of this is key information for potential customers and easy for them to find.

However, there are no links to any social media sites, does this mean that the shop does not have a social media presence? There appears to be a mention of a Facebook page, but no other platform – this is a potential improvement, but more about that later….

The website “” is a good basic site; however it is lacking some important details which we will now discuss;

masons butchers-website- invest in your website reviewSome real positives are that the opening hours are clear and easy to see, the physical address is listed on the site along with a Google map link; however this is listed below the fold meaning that visitors to the site need to scroll down to see it. It looks like it may not have been updated in a while as the annual break closure dates are 18 months (at time of writing) out of date. The favicon used for the site is just the generic version.

Moving on to the Facebook page:

masons butchers-facebook page


It appears to have been neglected, there are no images on here, no contact information and minimal likes and visits, however all of this is easy to fix.

Join us in part 2 where we will be covering how to fix this and get more interaction with potential customers.

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Brighton SEO 2017

Brighton SEO 2017

This was my first industry event and was great.
It was an early start, but spending so much time in brighton i knew where I was going. looking at transport options the car park fee was the same as getting the train.
For ease I opted to get the train from Three bridges to Brighton, no changes and easy.
I got the 7:35 train to brighton. This was good, not many people on the train so I got a seat. Feeling excited, I have pre-purchased my tickets and collected them the night before so could all straight on to the plattform.  Using the app i saw it was platform 5 and as luck would have it, the train pulled in as i was walking up the stairs.
The journey down was good, it got busy from Hayward Heath with school children and made me grateful i don’t have to deal with this on a daily basis. I enjoy my walk to work in th sunshine.
I arrived 45 minutes early so had a gentle stroll down the hill from the station to the sea front. I was able to take in the sunrise and also keep up my Pokemon routine hitting a few pokestops and gyms on the way.  Once on the seafront I manage to catch a few Pokemon too.  It was nice to sit and relax after finding where the entrance was, I picked up a bottle of water as unsure of the facilities at the conference.
Having remembered my badge {badge image } i was able to get early entry and pick up the goody bag and have a sit down to insect them before things kicked off. The exhibitors were still setting up, but were giving away freebies to people. This was great, so with it being quiet I could talk to the exhibitors.
My first stop was at {Searchpilot} who are a review service. With reviews now appearing higher in google and also being used as a strong search metric I was interested to see what they were offering. All business should have at least the free service allowing 100 reviews. if you are able to collect then quickly then consider moving up a plan. The review will let other potential customers how good your product is and you can manage the reviews too.
From here I went to {The Hoth} this was a small stand offering white label SEO services. They only work with agencies offering SEO services. With more of my clients needing this service I am not looking to see what we are able to offer. {Click call } was a newer company and have a great idea of measuring marketing for local bricks and mortar business’s. Each time a customer visits the website they are given a unique telephone number which is linked to their session in Google analytics so you can link incoming phone calls to web traffic. This is a great idea for business such as Dormans Pre-school and the franchise Kung fu schools. the unique phone numbers can also be put on marketing so you can see which marketing is driving the phone calls as before this has been a big disconnect working out with marketing prompted the phone calls. Also the calls could be recorded which for a franchise would be ideal for training.
Looking around at the other exhibitors time was ticking on and I wanted a good seat for the 1st session {sessions title} which was in the main auditorium. This was the largest hall out of 6 they had.
The first session was great, the information was delivered clear and consise with the Takeaways section easy to write down or view from the slides after.
The second section in Auditorium 2 covered Technical SEO{} this was in-depth and delivered very quickly. it was sometime a struggle to keep up. the speakers seemed nervous but the slides were great and easy to read. This session finished early allowing grey on to break for lunch.
I decided to go for Burger King… i know there are much better places in brighton but I haven’t had one in ages and it was wishing walking distance.
I at my burger on the beach enjoying the sea air, which in now familiar since my move. The sound of the waves were relaxing.
Getting back to the event i tried to find the lunchtime keynote speech, on my way I met {Kat @ Lego} she informed me that not only are they the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world but also there are more lego people on the planet than actual people. { tweet/ Facebook message link to james francis} we chatted about the event and also on security of websites and safe data storage which were topics of there talks. we chatted for a while then went to Auditorium 1 for the afternoon session to begin.
The afternoon sessions went quickly, the first was Server side SEO. this was in-depth SEO tweaks you could do on your web server to improve speed which is a big ranking factor. Also moving to HTTPS. This talk got very heavy and seeing the slides and making a plan is needed. It was interesting to hear the web server software can make a huge difference as to how far you can push the tweaking.
If anyone would like to connect please send me an e-mail  on {site} or twtte me @wdexplored
Why Double Side Your leaflets

Why Double Side Your leaflets

As a local business having leaflets is a great way to let the public know what you are offering and where you are. 

There are many many places to get leaflets designed, whether it is on Fiverr or a local designer. Some may help with the process or offer suggestions or design solutions to help you achieve the look you are after. Others may just design as asked.  Finding a good graphic designer can pay dividends as they can coach you through the design for all of your marketing materials keeping consistency in message and feel.


From working at a range of companies and speaking to lots of marketing people many companies fail a simple marketing technique, something that print companies or graphic designers should mention to clients more.

Take a look at the recent leaflets you have received through your door. have a look at how they landed through your letterbox or how you first see them

Can you spot it?

Look closely at the [X] leaflet, next to it the plain white blank leaflet. Actually, it is not blank, but when being printed the business owner did not consider how it would land on your mat.

It is understandable if there is space left to input quote details or dimensions needed before a quote can be given, but many are blank either down to cost, laziness from the designer or lack of knowledge.

Double Siding

Double siding does not always mean double the cost, even if you printed the same on both sides or for example a photographer doing weddings and portraits. 1 side advertising the great wedding packages, the other advertising family portraits and a line at the bottom stating ‘please turn over for our great wedding offers’.

This way you can prodice 1 leaflet and hit 2 markets, also cross promotion. 

Ideally each side would have a link to a specific landing page i.e and this way the ‘landing pages’ can be specific to the customer they are trying to convert. 

Spring clean your pc or MAC

Spring clean your pc or MAC

Is your PC running slow or chugging along?

We can inspect your current system and provide you with all the options available for you. These could be a system clean up, system refresh or a new PC/MAC.

System Clean up!PC inspection

This involves inspecting everything you currently have installed, removing anything that you no longer use, suggesting alternatives to some of your current programs that use less resources (Memory, processing power or disc space), removing the temporary files, then running our package of cleaning tools to make sure you do not have any nasty items on your PC that might be working against you. These include malware, spamware or bundled software you did not ask for. When everything is running at its best we would then give you some further recommendations on how you can improve your system with hardware upgrades.


System Refresh

This involves backing up your current data , wiping the system and reinstalling the operating system and copying back your required data, saving any other data to a removable hard drive or DVD.

We would reinstall only the required software you requested.

This can bring new life to an aging system. Think of this as a full service for your car including a deep clean inside and out.

New PC or Mac

With all of our options we would look to clean all fans and filters to get the best air flow for the case. This has the added effect of making it run quieter.