Gregory Murch BNI Gains Sheet
Support small businesses with grow or maintain the business through online services where I am earning £40,000 per year.
To break even on 2023 and make £2,000 profit in 2024
Better Work life balance, more dedicated family time and to complete the restoration of my Renault 5 GT Turbo
Google Analytics Certified, SEMRush Certified, Termageddon Certified, Have Awesome clients.
Speaking to business owners and thinking of how I can help them over come their online difficulties.
Business Networks
Building Great websites using Wordpress, HTML and CSS. A thirst for life long learning.
Married the love of my life, Happy home life. I have a Black belt in Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Exploring Dorset, having random weekends out with the family, cleaning and rebuilding my Renault 5.
Family, Sussex Freemasons, Dorset Freemasons.
Researching and DIY

What Should I listen out for?

Businesses with a gmail or live email address, business owners saying’ I do not get many enquiries from my website’

Website Sucess

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