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A new era of websites is here.

Here at WD Explored we like to put our customer first. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the website industry, we truly believe that we are able help you with your website needs, no matter the nature of the project.

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Large, Small or run from Facebook we have solutions to help all

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Value for money

No matter your budget or company size, we will make sure that you will get every pennies worth.

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Tailored Designs

We plan, design and build to the clients particular web needs, creating the perfect website.

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Fully Responsive

Worried about how your website will look across devices? We include responsive designs by default.

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Search Engine Optimised

Marketing your website for search engine optimisation is the most vital key to success!

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Simple yet effective

Studies prove the simpler the design, the better. You’re probably asking yourself why?

A recent study states that ‘If the visitor can’t rely on their previous experience, they’re not thinking about how innovative your site is. They’re just left wondering why things aren’t where it’s “supposed to be.” Not the best frame of mind if you want them to buy stuff.’


A whole new experience awaits you

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