About Us Here At WD Explored

Web agency with a focus to produce affordable and bespoke web solutions that allow your business to exceed its limits, not just on the internet.

About 1

We believe that using pre-built templates is cheating. We take the time to hand code every website to the clients specific requirements. Not only are our websites created by hand but they’re also mobile friendly, allowing them to work across an array of devices.

Why we believe we’ll be a match made in heaven

WD Explored perfects all of its projects in house, so you get the most thought-out, bespoke, high quality, end product that you deserve.

Having everyone work together as a team in the same room allows us to communicate fluently and effectively so that your project will be completed to a high standard and delivered on time; you deserve nothing less.

Innovative, creative, passionate and technical experts at your service.

Get to know us

We an outgoing company that truly enjoys what we do and put a lot of time and effort in to making the best possible end product.

We’re full of great ideas and always there to help you achieve your overall goals for your online presence.

Each member of the team is unique and offers different skills which is great for you, we’d love to know how we can help?

You’re in great hands

We’re a newly established company but don’t let that fool you.

Between everyone in the team we have an wealth of experience in the industry.

Founder Bradley Moon has been wanting to run and maintain his own business for several years and has been gaining valuable experience on how to do so. The time has come and he is forever achieving his business goals.

As a team, we have a wealth of knowledge in the web industry. If you choose to use WD Explored for your web project(s), which we hope you do, here are the members of our team that will be crafting your beautiful project.

Gregory Murch

Co-founder & Marketing

Gregory gathers information from the customer and creates a digital marketing plan and works closely with Bradley to integrate it with the website. In his spare time he cares for his bearded dragons and has a passion for cars and video games.

Hey, I’m Kyle, I solve business challenges by building powerful websites that will help you easily, effectively, and affordably grow your business.

A website isn’t something you want to frame and put on your wall, that’s why I decided to get a degree in business and spent the better part of two decades practicing design for real-life clients.

Design exists for two reasons: to communicate, and to solve problems.

There are plenty of artists that can make something beautiful, and tons of DIY solutions that can get you online. Don’t get me wrong, they both have their place in this world, but neither examine your unique challenges or provide the type of solutions that businesses need.

I suspect you’re here because you realize there’s more to marketing than beauty, and trying to solve a problem with a one-size-fits-all template is a problem in itself. 

If I’m right, then we might just be a good fit to work together.

Each year I work with a handful of clients that I can dedicate myself to and make measurable improvements in their business. Most of whom stay on board for years of ongoing guidance.

Not because they’re under some long-term contract, but because they are seeing the kind of results that make their investment with me a no-brainer.

If I’m not 100% sure I can make a positive impact on your business— then I’ll just tell you (and probably even help you find someone who can). I have a beautiful wife and three young kids that I can never have enough time with, and I know neither you nor I want to waste time on a partnership that isn’t helping us both grow.

If your curious as to whether or not I can help you succeed, then spend 5 minutes filling in my project discovery form and we can have a chat about your goals and how the right website could help you achieve them.

Still not sure? Here’s what my customers have kindly said about working with me.

Want to know more?

If you’re interested in any of our services, or have any questions, then please do get in touch via our contact form. We want to hear from you!

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