Why Double Side Your leaflets
Why Double side your leaflets

As a local business having leaflets is a great way to let the public know what you are offering and where you are. 

There are many many places to get leaflets designed, whether it is on Fiverr or a local designer. Some may help with the process or offer suggestions or design solutions to help you achieve the look you are after. Others may just design as asked.  Finding a good graphic designer can pay dividends as they can coach you through the design for all of your marketing materials keeping consistency in message and feel.


From working at a range of companies and speaking to lots of marketing people many companies fail a simple marketing technique, something that print companies or graphic designers should mention to clients more.

Take a look at the recent leaflets you have received through your door. have a look at how they landed through your letterbox or how you first see them

Can you spot it?

Look closely at the [X] leaflet, next to it the plain white blank leaflet. Actually, it is not blank, but when being printed the business owner did not consider how it would land on your mat.

It is understandable if there is space left to input quote details or dimensions needed before a quote can be given, but many are blank either down to cost, laziness from the designer or lack of knowledge.

Double Siding

Double siding does not always mean double the cost, even if you printed the same on both sides or for example a photographer doing weddings and portraits. 1 side advertising the great wedding packages, the other advertising family portraits and a line at the bottom stating ‘please turn over for our great wedding offers’.

This way you can prodice 1 leaflet and hit 2 markets, also cross promotion. 

Ideally each side would have a link to a specific landing page i.e amoramorphotography.co.uk/babies and amoramorphotography.co.uk/family this way the ‘landing pages’ can be specific to the customer they are trying to convert. 


Author: gregory
Published Date: 21 Jun, 2019
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