Facebook to Website
Author: Gregory Murch
Published Date: 17 Nov, 2019

A guide on how to take you business to the next level where you control everything.

Is it not as scary as you think.

so you have an active Facebook page or group but worry it could be shut down if someone complains. so what do you do?

why do you need a website?

what if someone complained about your page and it was shut down for 24 hours.

This is where we come in.

We will setup hosting for you, we recommend siteground and hosting is from £2.75/month ( £33 a year)

you will need to choose a domain name, with Heart Internet. then provide us with the log in details and we will build you a fantastic website. whether it is a contact page with a simple way to contact you and allow people to see all of your social media accounts and telephone number or email address or a full on forum or online store.

About the Author

Gregory Murch
Working with wordpress for the past 10 years getting the best outcome for my clients

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Our Mission

To bring working affordable websites to new and small business and Facebook business’s



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