Spring clean your pc or MAC
Clean your MAC or PC
Is your PC running slow or chugging along?

We can inspect your current system and provide you with all the options available for you. These could be a system clean up, system refresh or a new PC/MAC.

System Clean up!PC inspection

This involves inspecting everything you currently have installed, removing anything that you no longer use, suggesting alternatives to some of your current programs that use less resources (Memory, processing power or disc space), removing the temporary files, then running our package of cleaning tools to make sure you do not have any nasty items on your PC that might be working against you. These include malware, spamware or bundled software you did not ask for. When everything is running at its best we would then give you some further recommendations on how you can improve your system with hardware upgrades.


System Refresh

This involves backing up your current data , wiping the system and reinstalling the operating system and copying back your required data, saving any other data to a removable hard drive or DVD.

We would reinstall only the required software you requested.

This can bring new life to an aging system. Think of this as a full service for your car including a deep clean inside and out.

New PC or Mac

With all of our options we would look to clean all fans and filters to get the best air flow for the case. This has the added effect of making it run quieter.




Author: gregory
Published Date: 21 Jun, 2019
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