Is your wordpress website ready?
Did you check your website after you had it built? Do you know what to look for in a good website? let us show you how.
is your website wordpress ready?

How well do you know your Website?

As a website owner how do you tell if your wordpress website has been made well? Unless you know what to look for or have your site built in house then you may be wondering, could it be performing better?

Good news. There are things you can do to check. In this article I will run through simple ways you can check your site to see ho well your website is doing or get us to do the checks for you.

W3C_LogoAre there errors on your website?

Go to W3C validator type in your website address and click ‘check’
This will check the HTML and CSS code errors on your website.

Why Do This?

While most of the errors will not affect the users on the front side of the website, so why fix them? Fixing them will make your website work correctly and be stable. This will make it less likely to crash and also be more secure to hackers.


How Fast is Your Website? google-page-speed-for wordpress website

To test simply go to Google page speed enter in the page to test and click ‘analyze’ this will run tests and tell you if anything needs fixing. Some bits may be tricky so a developer or web designer may be needed. Hire ours here: Hire a web developer

Why Do this?

Page Speed is a big part of getting your site to page 1. Also studies have shown if a site take too long to load then people may click off your site before it has finished loading damaging your ranking.


Is your Site Mobile ready?

How to you look at your website? but most importantly how do your customers look at your website? There are some tools to help with this, Google have their own Mobile friendly test and Bing has Mobile friendliness test. Both are good and should be used as you want search engine traffic from both sources. Simply enter in your website address and click analyze.

Why Do this?

With more and more people having internet access using smart phones and tablets your website needs to be responsive so that it is readable on all devices. If your site is not mobile friends Google will drop your site in the results page.

How reliable is your wordpress website hosting?

With many website hosting companies offering 99.9% uptime on your website, you might not be too worried about this, but you do not want you site being taken down for planned maintenance during the busy part of your day. so consider where your site is hosted in the world and where your main traffic is from. There are tools to help with this checking your site and may let you know of an issue before your webhost does. Pingdom have a free and paid for service.

Why Do This?

If your site is hosted in the UK and your traffic is from the USA, you dont want the site to be down while you are asleep in the UK ad your USA visitors will get a blank page or error message.You don’t want your website to crash when you have released a new blogpost or update.



You can spend valuable time running through and checking all of the above or let us do it for you and provide a report in a simple easy to read, understand and with actionable points. Order your website review here


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Author: gregory
Published Date: 5 Jun, 2016
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