Control Your Data
You control your data, When we build your website you are in control
Control Your Data

This is YOUR website,

so YOU control the data

Why is data control important for your business? How do we do this for all the websites we build?

We build all our websites using WordPress CMS (Content Management System). This simply means should you want to look for other developers, you can easily do so because most developers are familiar with it. You can switch developers anytime and still get the help you need.

You Can Switch Developers Anytime

In keeping with that spirit, we give you full access to everything about your website. You own your site completely and absolutely. You are not locked into working with us. So if by any chance you feel the need to switch to another company, we will even help migrate your site from our hosting and maintenance services to another.

You Own All Your Content

We also build our websites so they are set up to be able to take advantage of “Own The Race Course” style of content publishing.

Instead of putting all your best videos and articles on social media or other website platforms owned by someone else, you can host your own content on your own site. This way, you can bring people from other platforms into a space—your space—where you have ultimate ownership and control.

We make all the websites we build easy to edit. You can easily do it yourself. We provide training videos for all the major elements of the website. This is so you can easily learn how to do it yourself or train someone in your team to make small changes to the site, publish blog posts and the like.

Get Full Control Of Your Site Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

But why focus on maintaining your website or training your staff when you have a business to run? We recommend you pass the task to someone who can quickly identify any issues and resolve them for you.

We provide a comprehensive website hosting, maintenance and support service so you won’t have to worry about your site at all, yet still maintain control over it. This way we can help you concentrate on how you can grow your business even more.

I loved how they gave me everything I needed to access the website.


Owner, LH1 Book Keeping


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Author: gregory
Published Date: 21 Mar, 2021
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