Why do I do this?

Why do I do this?

I started doing web design out of an interest in technology and also from a frustration of dealing with bad websites. I wondered if there was a better way of providing information without pop ups, or bad gif images al lover the place. so when I was able to I started my own company to provide a service with clear plain talking websites. This is a bit of a self indulgence post about me, but will give you an incite in to me and if we would work well together.

  1. My journey
  2. Why I chose WordPress
  3. Finding my Why
  4. Challenges
  5. The future

My Journey

Starting out back in the mid nighties before the web was a big thing, I was interested in developing a website so I picked up the best tool I knew – Dreamweaver.

I went to my local library (yes a place where I could ‘Hire’ a physical book for free)took out many books on HTML and Web design. Testing from a basic website written in Notepad and checked within Internet Explorer on Windows XP. while these websites were very basic, it gave me a great understanding of how HTML works in a real hands on way. From here I moved on to using Dreamweaver as this was an early drag and drop visual web site builder. This allowed me to play around and add in new functionality and discover that I am a visual learner.

My WD Explored Journey

Creating the websites using the visual part and then switching back to the raw HTML to clean up and remove bits was much better, but this was still only on small sites on my local 286 PC. I wanted more so went looking on line and found services such as freeservers and created a basic site there –

I left web design for a while until I heard of WordPress in 2012 while working for a Kung Fu Franchise. I was given the task of managing 40 sites to make sure they were up to date and to try and get them ranking better.  This is where I now had a whole new system to learn, not Just HTML, but now CSS and PHP.

I  was able to pick up the CSS fairly quickly, but PHP was a struggle and thankfully wordpress have massively improved since version 3 and manually adding or tweaking PHP is not something that is needed for many websites.

Now when producing websites I recommend using Divi by Elegant Themes. This is a great visual builder, but is also quick and dpes not have issues with each major upgrade.

From here I took several courses to fine tune my SEO skills and am now SEMRush qualified and Google Qualified. So I have a great toolkit for building and getting the website to rank.


When I started with wordpress there was a big surge in different content management systems. Joomla was growing in popularity, as was Drupal and Concrete5. Rather than try and learn more than 1 I decided to stick with wordpress and find out how it worked.

I considered looking at making my own plugins and bought a course, but in my early days never found a need to because there were so many different plugins coming out I could always find one, be it from the repository or from Code Canyon or a programmers own website. For me WordPress had all the functionality available

The only down side was as the rate of productions was so quick the quality was not always there. I had issues with compatibility and would often take down as live site while trying to add functionality.

My WD Explored Journey - WordPress logo
Why WordPress!

These days WordPress is much more stable and the plugins and themes have become better coded and more streamlined. I have a great toolkit I am confident to work with and trust. I review the themes and plugins to see if there are better options that offer the same functionality and test them out.

These days my host of choice is Siteground. As part of their tool they have a great Staging site setup. I can create a basic site with a holding page then create a clone and build out the full functionality from there. When completed I can send the site to live in a few simple clicks. There is always a debate over which hosting company is the best or best value for money, but many free lancers or agencies have different requirements, so there is never a clear winner.


I have struggled with this one, and then when completing a Demystifying SEO course, they referenced the famous Simon Sinek for this quote. What they also did was to go in to how to get your why and what makes it so powerful. I am not sure I have 100% got it, but I am working on it.

I have read Simon’s book and listened to the audio. I understand it can be powerful to find what is driving you, but I see this as more of a journey to finding it than reading a book and ‘Ding’ there it is.

What is your Story WD Explored.


Like any agency or freelancer there are a bits of the process that are less exciting or less enjoyable and these can often be a struggle to get through. With an agency you can pass the jobs around so everyone can do a bit they like. Being a single entrepreneur I do not have the luxury. Being a single entrepreneur means I can change the process.

Like many freelancers, there is the worry of the feast and famine, where lots of work comes in, I stop marketing and then the work dries up so back to marketing again. I have joined some local business groups and this helps with work being referred across to me. Showing up to the meeting each week and presenting my 60 seconds script allows me to keep up with my marketing as I can constantly tweak my ‘Elevator’ pitch or have different variations depending on the situation or type of prospective client.


Where am I looking to go and what do I want for the future? Always a big bold question. Like any good business I have goals and targets set for myself and being driven to succeed I will do everything in my power to achieve them. I understand I may have to sacrifice time now so that in the future I can have the time, but I am mindful that as my children grow up I am there for the important things even if that means taking time away from what I love doing.

My Family

I would love to have a small team and a great bunch of clients that I can work with each month or year, clients that I can help make a difference and would grow with me.

If you would like to be one of these clients please get in touch.

10 Reasons why Google doesn’t like your Website

10 Reasons why Google doesn’t like your Website

From my experience over the last 10 years building, maintaining and optimising websites I have seen lots of different websites, so here is 10 reasons why Google doesn’t like your website and hot to fix them

10 Reasons why Google doesn’t like your Website

  1. Google doesn’t know about your business and business website.
  2. Your website is too slow
  3. Your website has lots of missing pages (404’s)
  4. Your pages do not target a single topic
  5. No one else on the web knows about your business
  6. There are errors on your website code
  7. Your website is blocking Google from checking your website
  8. Google cannot understand how your website flows
  9. Google cannot confirm your business details
  10. Your website is not secure

1. Google doesn’t know about your business and business website.

If Google doesn’t know about your website then it cannot provide it as a solution when some one searches for a problem your business resolves.

How to Fix

Setup Google search console filling out the profile, I would also recommend setting up Google analytics and linking them both together too.

2. Your website is too slow

I am sure you have heard or seen it, with mobile browsing and people getting busier people are not willing to wait longer than 5 seconds to load. How log does your website take to load?

Website is too slow

How To Fix

Use Google page speed to test each page on your website. This will provide a score for mobile and desktop along with solutions on how to fix them.
There are other service such as GT metrix and pingdom tools which will score your speed. I often find large images have been uploaded and the website has to load the 4mb file then scale it down to a 0.2mb version to display. Why not upload the 0.2mb version and use that.

3.Your website has lots of missing pages (404’s)

A 404 refers to a missing page. I am sure you have all seen this come up when searching on the web you click on a link and a 404 page comes up saying the page was not found. If you have lots of these on your site then google will question if your website actually contains the information to satisfy this search query, also the knock on affect is it would then question all the other links to your website. You whole website could suffer if you have too many 404’s

Fix 404’s

To fix your 404’s you will need to know what people are searching for on your website.

Method 1- Google Search Console. This free service provided by Google is fantastic for this. log in to your Google Search console > Click on ‘Diagnostics’ > Click on ‘Crawl Errors’ > Click on ‘Not Found’ and you will see a list of all the pages where a 404 page was displayed. Now check them and update the link on your website.

Method 2-Use a Plugin. I would not recommend installing a plugin specifically for this , but actually using the functionality built in to an already fantastic plugin – Rank math. As part of this SEO plugin there is a 404 Monitor. It will monitor your website for when your 404 page is displays and record the referring link. They have a great article with videos on how to use their plugin to record, find and fix.

Also to keep a customer engages on your site have an amusing 404 page. Here are some examples: Spotify , Adobe , Headspace and more

4. Your pages do not target a single topic

Each page or post on your website should address 1 specific need or service, but sometimes some sites try and address multiple issue on 1 page so when google reads this and places it in the search results it gets confused as to what problem it solves. If Google gets confused then the chances are they potential customers will too and end up moving back to the search results page and on to the next site… your competitor.

Stop that bounce, each page to its own

When creating your fantastic content keep it simple, to the point and on topic. An example is If you maintain Tennis courts and you describe what you do, you may have lots of services such are Moss removal, fencing, Net replacement and Macadam repair like these guys do – Court solutions South East. If you check their site they have a specific page for each service they offer.

5. No one else on the web knows about your business

If no one on the web knows about your business and neither does Google, Bing or your search engine of choice, how are they meant to show it in the results? I know that with a new website this is exactly where you start from and it is hard, but this is what SEO specialists fix.

Shout Loud and Proud

first off as in the UK 85% of searches are made using Google tell them about your business and website. they have 2 tools for this: Google My Business and previously mentioned Google search Console. Bing has Webmaster tools and so do other search engines. Once they know contact directories like Yellow pages, Yell.com. check your listings here

6. There are errors on your website

If you have errors on your website this does not look good for human eyes and for the Google Bots that check your website. these errors could be broken image, the web page not displaying correctly, website code showing.

Fix up look sharp

Exactly that fix your error and issues to get your website looking sharp. Check your website even if it is new to give you peace of mind or so your web designer can fix them. To get this report enter your details in the form below.

7. Your website is blocking Google from checking your website

If your website is blocking Google from checking your website to discover all the pages, pictures and awesome content you have created how are you going to get to that important top spot on the results page?

Check your settings

There are 2 main things to check for WordPress users. Other users only have the 1.

Part 1 check your Robots.txt file. This is a file that the search bots on the internet sent out by Google read before checking your website. If this files tells them ‘No entry’ they do not go any further. For advice on setting up your Robots.txt file Google has a great guide

Part 2 WordPress users. Within the WordPress dashboard there is a tick box which is to ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’. This is mainly ticked when developing the site and should be unticked when made live, but can be missed. This box is located under Settings > Reading page.

8. Google cannot understand your website layout

The search engines will check your website and will use the links on each page to hop to the next page and so on. If there are pages that it cannot find then they will be missed. If these are your critical pages or part of your ‘Funnel’ then they might not have links from other pages, so how can this be fixed? On many websites if you scroll to the bottom of the page there is a link to a ‘Sitemap’ page. This page will be like a directory or Phonebook of all the pages on your website.

Importance of Sitemaps

To get all of your pages discovers by the search engines, why not give them a list and location of all of your website pages and pictures. This is called a sitemap and is normally in xml format. Mine can be found here https://wdexplored.co.uk/sitemap.xml . If using WordPress then many of the SEO plugins will create this page and in the webmaster tools or Google search console you can submit this page so the bots will go here first so they know what they have to check. Once submitted check back to make sure the search engine did not have any issues reading it.

9. Google cannot confirm your business details

If Google is not sure about your website details, when a customer searches for your phone number which one is correct? I am sure your website contains your telephone number, but what if another website with a different company name has the same telephone number? which business name is correct? Or if a website shows your company name with a different phone number? Can you see the confusion. This is why why core business details need to be the same across the web. This is often referred to a N.A.P and stands for Name, Address, Phone number.

Check your business details

this might sound complicated or have you thinking how can you check the whole of the internet. Good news you don’t have to. there are some FREE tools that will make your life easier. These are: SEM rush Listing Management , MOZ Local search and Whitespark. If there are any inconsistencies you can not address them.

10. Your website is not secure

In this day and age with cyber security being in the headlines regularly and reports of companies being hacked as a business owner we need to do our bit and make sure that we do not make it easy for these hackers to get our customers information. It is so vital that Google uses this as a ranking factor and if your website is not secure it will damage where you come in the rankings. Google chrome will not show the padlock either.

Safe and Secure

The first pint to make your site secure is to get an SSL certificate ( Secure Sockets Layer). This is a protocol to make sure any information entered in to your website is secure. Information such as customer name, email address, telephone number and message from your contact page. Most web hosts include an SSL certificate as part of your plan. Contact your host if you are not sure about getting this set up. also using a service such as Why no Padlock https://www.whynopadlock.com/ to make sure everything on your webpage is secure. It will mean entering in each page but is worth the time investment.

In conclusion

So these are just 10 possible points why you are not on page 1 of Google and the list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure contact your web designer or SEO specialist ( Pick me!) to discuss. why not go armed with a report checking many of the mentioned options so you both know where to start. Enter your details in below

Image SEO – 6 great steps to getting more from images

Image SEO – 6 great steps to getting more from images

Are the images on your website doing as much as they can?

If the picture shows on the webpage, then most would say yes, But images can do a lot more than look nice on your website. For instance Google will scan them and display them in the Google image search, They can help your page rank for keywords, They can provide valuable links back to your site if people use them on their website or blog.

We will run through some tips to make sure you are getting the most from your images.


The size of the image you upload to your website can make a huge difference. The larger the file the longer it will take to load on the visitors device. As more and more people are using mobile devices (Phones and tablets) this can seriously impact the loading time. If you site takes more than 5 seconds to load then the majority of people will go back to google and check for the next option, doing this hurts your site.

How can you fix this?

If you have lots of image already on your site or it has been up for a while then the thought of editing each individual image or picture can be daunting. Having a WordPress website you can install a plugin to reduce the image size and quality. There are many available but I would recommend Ewww images or ShortPixel. Please see the blog post ‘website image optimisation‘ on how to install and setup the plugins.

Moving forward please try to make sure that if you want the image to show on your website at 512 by 512 then it is already at these dimensions.

Also Make sure the file size is around 100kb. This will mean the image will load quickly on a mobile device. Using Photoshop can be a bit daunting and having to pay someone to make the changes to each image you want to use can be expensive. We use Photoshop Elements for this. A guide can be found on the blog ‘Photoshop elements tips

Image Quality and File Type

With the world getting higher definition screens you may think that you need to keep the image as high resolution as possible. In reality you can reduce the quality down and this will make the whole file size smaller meaning faster load time.

The file type i.e image.jpg or image.png can make a difference depending on what the image contains. If you have a clear background then it will be .png. Both are good and covered in the blog post ‘Photoshop Elements Tips’

Save for the web in Photoshop elements

Alt Tag

Depending on how you edit your website you may use a visual editor or just read the HTML code. Every image has an alt tag. This is use for when blind mode or image loading is disabled. The search engine cannot view the image so will categorise it using the ALT” ” tag details.  In the exampled below using WordPress. when adding the image to the page filling in the Alternative Text box will populate the Alt section in the pages source code.

The alt attribute provides alternative information for an image if a user for some reason cannot view it (because of slow connection, an error , or if the user uses a screen reader).

Exif data

When you take a photo with your camera, the image itself isn’t the only thing that’s recorded. Other information like the date, time, camera model, and a host of other camera settings are also captured and stored within the image file. You may or may not want to keep or remove this from  the file before uploading it to the web.  The Exif data can have an impact on your image SEO so be sure to check the plugin settings if using WP Smush it or ShortPixel 

File name

You may just be using the file name from the camera or company name 1, but the file name of an image will help toward your SEO. The filename should be descriptive, include applicable keywords and use hyphens instead of spaces to separate words. When trying to maximise your SEO and get your page ranking in the all important number 1 spot in Google leave nothing to chance.  In the example below you can see the file is called ‘Image SEO wordpress image details.png’


Check through your website now using the Media library (If using wordpress) or an FTP client and you may find all sorts of file names in the folder.  For reference WordPress uses /Wp-content/uploads/2021/04   the last 2 sections are year and month of upload if you have the default ‘Organize my uploads into month – and year folders’ option checked.  

We do not use this and prefer to have a single folder with all the images in as if we need to search for an image it will be easier to find. 


Watermarking the images is normally only found on the popular sites or where the images are for sale. This is not something that will affect your SEO directly, but if someone ‘borrows’ an image from your site and in the corner you have your watermark then people can see where it originally came from and may then search for your website and more

Getting the most out of your website – Edition 1 Invest in your website

Getting the most out of your website – Edition 1 Invest in your website

Invest in Your Website

People say “I have a website but now what do I do with it?

Read on to find out why its important to invest in your website.

Having a website is a great tool for engaging with your customers and gaining new ones; which is why it’s important to keep it up to date and make sure that the contact details are correct.

We have all become accustomed to not having to wait anymore; smart phones keep us connected 24/7, Uber means we now know exactly where our taxi is and how long we’ll have to wait for it and Twitter has changed the way businesses engage with their customers.

Your customers expect to be able to contact you quickly and with little effort. Even if we know a web address we tend to rely on Google to take us where we want to go; to do this Google uses the contact information held on your website. They will also check your company name, telephone numbers, email address and links to any social media profiles you may have. Which is great – you want your customers (and potential customers) to be able to find you; which is why it’s important that you invest time in maintaining your website.

There’s nothing better than a real-life example, I’m going to take you through how the website is currently set up and detail recommendations for improvements.

The example I’m going to use is Masons Butchers located in Bournemouth; they are a small family run butchers. A search on Google returns the company website in top position, followed by directory listings (both positive);

Masons butchers bournemouth google search listing - invest in your website series


Google has also returned a business listing display for the company on the right hand side of the page. This displays a business listing for the company, shop photos, Google map and street view; as well as reviews, business address and telephone number and the opening hours of the shop. All of this is key information for potential customers and easy for them to find.

However, there are no links to any social media sites, does this mean that the shop does not have a social media presence? There appears to be a mention of a Facebook page, but no other platform – this is a potential improvement, but more about that later….

The website “http://www.masonsbutchers.co.uk/” is a good basic site; however it is lacking some important details which we will now discuss;

masons butchers-website- invest in your website reviewSome real positives are that the opening hours are clear and easy to see, the physical address is listed on the site along with a Google map link; however this is listed below the fold meaning that visitors to the site need to scroll down to see it. It looks like it may not have been updated in a while as the annual break closure dates are 18 months (at time of writing) out of date. The favicon used for the site is just the generic version.

Moving on to the Facebook page:

masons butchers-facebook page


It appears to have been neglected, there are no images on here, no contact information and minimal likes and visits, however all of this is easy to fix.

Join us in part 2 where we will be covering how to fix this and get more interaction with potential customers.

Want us to help your business? contact us here


Let’s Work Together

If you like what you see or want to know more please fill out the contact form.

Brighton SEO 2017

Brighton SEO 2017

This was my first industry event and was great.
It was an early start, but spending so much time in brighton i knew where I was going. looking at transport options the car park fee was the same as getting the train.
For ease I opted to get the train from Three bridges to Brighton, no changes and easy.
I got the 7:35 train to brighton. This was good, not many people on the train so I got a seat. Feeling excited, I have pre-purchased my tickets and collected them the night before so could all straight on to the plattform.  Using the app i saw it was platform 5 and as luck would have it, the train pulled in as i was walking up the stairs.
The journey down was good, it got busy from Hayward Heath with school children and made me grateful i don’t have to deal with this on a daily basis. I enjoy my walk to work in th sunshine.
I arrived 45 minutes early so had a gentle stroll down the hill from the station to the sea front. I was able to take in the sunrise and also keep up my Pokemon routine hitting a few pokestops and gyms on the way.  Once on the seafront I manage to catch a few Pokemon too.  It was nice to sit and relax after finding where the entrance was, I picked up a bottle of water as unsure of the facilities at the conference.
Having remembered my badge {badge image } i was able to get early entry and pick up the goody bag and have a sit down to insect them before things kicked off. The exhibitors were still setting up, but were giving away freebies to people. This was great, so with it being quiet I could talk to the exhibitors.
My first stop was at {Searchpilot} who are a review service. With reviews now appearing higher in google and also being used as a strong search metric I was interested to see what they were offering. All business should have at least the free service allowing 100 reviews. if you are able to collect then quickly then consider moving up a plan. The review will let other potential customers how good your product is and you can manage the reviews too.
From here I went to {The Hoth} this was a small stand offering white label SEO services. They only work with agencies offering SEO services. With more of my clients needing this service I am not looking to see what we are able to offer. {Click call } was a newer company and have a great idea of measuring marketing for local bricks and mortar business’s. Each time a customer visits the website they are given a unique telephone number which is linked to their session in Google analytics so you can link incoming phone calls to web traffic. This is a great idea for business such as Dormans Pre-school and the franchise Kung fu schools. the unique phone numbers can also be put on marketing so you can see which marketing is driving the phone calls as before this has been a big disconnect working out with marketing prompted the phone calls. Also the calls could be recorded which for a franchise would be ideal for training.
Looking around at the other exhibitors time was ticking on and I wanted a good seat for the 1st session {sessions title} which was in the main auditorium. This was the largest hall out of 6 they had.
The first session was great, the information was delivered clear and consise with the Takeaways section easy to write down or view from the slides after.
The second section in Auditorium 2 covered Technical SEO{} this was in-depth and delivered very quickly. it was sometime a struggle to keep up. the speakers seemed nervous but the slides were great and easy to read. This session finished early allowing grey on to break for lunch.
I decided to go for Burger King… i know there are much better places in brighton but I haven’t had one in ages and it was wishing walking distance.
I at my burger on the beach enjoying the sea air, which in now familiar since my move. The sound of the waves were relaxing.
Getting back to the event i tried to find the lunchtime keynote speech, on my way I met {Kat @ Lego} she informed me that not only are they the biggest tyre manufacturer in the world but also there are more lego people on the planet than actual people. { tweet/ Facebook message link to james francis} we chatted about the event and also on security of websites and safe data storage which were topics of there talks. we chatted for a while then went to Auditorium 1 for the afternoon session to begin.
The afternoon sessions went quickly, the first was Server side SEO. this was in-depth SEO tweaks you could do on your web server to improve speed which is a big ranking factor. Also moving to HTTPS. This talk got very heavy and seeing the slides and making a plan is needed. It was interesting to hear the web server software can make a huge difference as to how far you can push the tweaking.
If anyone would like to connect please send me an e-mail  on {site} or twtte me @wdexplored
Invest in your website – Edition 2

Invest in your website – Edition 2

Welcome to the second edition of “Invest in your website

In Edition 1 we highlighted key benefits that can be achieved by investing in your website, and introduced you to “Mason’s Butchers” a family run business in Bournemouth. We established that a Google search returned useful results that would easily direct potential customers to their business. However we discovered that their Facebook page could do with some TLC.

For Edition 2 we will go through how improvements can be made on key components;

1.Confirm the details

Starting with the basics is key. The following details need to be confirmed which can be completed easily;

Business Name: If the business is registered in the UK you can check Companies House be sure to check that any apostrophe’s, spaces or hyphens are included;

Business Address: This can be checked with Royal Mail if the business is within the UK;

Business Telephone Number: The easiest way to validate this is to call it and see who answers.;

Business Email Address: The easiest way to this is if you have access to web hosting;

Business Social Media Profiles: The business should hopefully have these details to hand, however if not a quick Google search will bring up any pages.

Now that these details have been confirmed you can start to get to work.

2. Check the Website hosting

Is the website hosting reliable and provided by a reputable company? To check this you can use 1and1 or Bluehosts (affiliate links )

3.The Website.

Here we have 2 options:

  1. Remove the annual holiday details and leave the website as is continuing to work on the rest then revisit the website later. Jump to next step
  2. Overhaul the website now and get it working then proceed to drive traffic from different sources.

So What would we do with the website.

  1. Move from Joomla to WordPress. This is a personal preference as I specialise in wordpress. Joomla is good but would need a specialist to code. During the move I would keep the site as is, developing a new site on a staging domain.
  2. On the staging site create new pages then set them all to go live together.
  3. Create an online catalogue showing off the different items they can sell. As the prices could vary this would be the easiest way. Allowing people to link to the product in the catalogue and make sure each product is detailed containing allergy information, where is it sourced from and what fed on. How often it is delivered and the months it is in season, also links to recipes would be an idea.
  4. Change the favicon (the little image in the tab above) this would be the company logo i.e white square with red text saying Masons going through.
  5. Makes sure there is a contact page with all the information and also a form so customers can send us an email with any special requests.
  6. Add more photos of the shop, the layout so customers feel familiar when they visit, perhaps some pictures of the prep area.
  7. Set up a blog page so they can then blog about recipes using the produce they sell, farm visits to see the next batch of meat before it is sent for slaughter. Health advice about some of the speciality meats, advice about which cuts of meat are best for which meal. Promote drinks from a local off-licence to have with the meats.
  8. Set up email collection so people can be e-mailed when new seasons start and new meats come in to stock.
  9. Set up a simple ordering online or online payment for customers who would like delivery in the local area.
  10. Set up An SSL certificate (https) making the website secure.
  11. Link to the company social media sites
  12. Make sure the website is mobile responsive, with mobile search now greater than desktop search this is a must
  13. Link the website to google webmaster tools and search console so you can see what people type in before they come to your website so some target pages could be created for greater traffic.

4. Claim the social media pages.


Claim the Facebook page and make sure all the details are correct. We would setup the customer as the main admin then request access through our business portal so we do not need to know your password. getting a graphic designer to create a range of header banners for different seasons and public holidays. i.e BBQ season in the UK, chicken at Easter, Turkey for Christmas/ Thanks giving. etc.

Also promote new blog posts on the Facebook page again taking potential customers to the website so they can see the produce. and promoting new products.  Allowing customers to check in whilst in the shop and also leave reviews.


Setup twitter as for Masons there is no account. Then getting a graphic designer to create a range of header banners for different seasons and public holidays. This would be another platform to inform customers of new products or when deliveries have arrived.


This would be great for posting Photographs of the different meat cuts, prepared meals, life in the shop. These do not have to be professionally taken, many business use a mobile phone with a good camera. There are good guides on taking photos with mobile phones here

5. Claim the Google My Business and Maps listing

Claiming this makes sure people can find you on google business directory and the information is correct, you can also reply to any reviews of the business here, This will also set up a Google Plus page for the business where you can post updates, blog posts etc. Thinks google version of Facebook.  This will provide the web master a wealth of information about how people interact with your website. We can be set as an admin once the account is setup, this means if you did decide to move web companies you could go in and remove access (but we hope this doesn’t happen)

6. Directory Listings

We would now proceed to search the web for directory listings, making sure they have the correct information in them and if they have any reviews we can monitor them to reply to.  We would put the review sites in a spreadsheet with links and login information so they can be easily checked. For sharing passwords we would recommend Last pass

7. Remarketing and Email marketing

we would now add the google remarketing code to the website and the facebook Pixel to the website so if a customer comes to the website once we will follow them around the website. We can adjust the parameters on how this happens so we are not constantly bombarding them.

We would sign up to Active Campaign or Mail chimp. This would collect name, email address and contact method so we could email them at the start of a new season, when specific meat they have enquired about is in stock or to wish them happy birthday

8. Advertising

Now we could move on to advertising on Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, Google adwords to promote any offers, and get the word out to the local community

9. Promotion

When we have gone through everything above we would then post on our social media pages and Linkedin pages. this would help promote our business and skills and also the customers business.

You can follow this guide through and let us know what results you got or if you would like us to do this for you please contact us.

Website Sucess

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